Metal powders and Inorganic Materials

The metal powders and grains provided by Kojundo Chemical, and our other inorganic compounds, special products and special order items have always been well-received by customers.

Metal materials

Milled products

These powders maintain their characteristics of low oxygen, high purity, uniform dispersibility, high fluidity and so on, and are ideal for bulk alloys (sintered compacts) and as raw materials for thermal spraying. Offering products with fine particles to grain sizes of several hundred microns, we can meet a wide range of requirements.
From sub micron to millimeter size, we manufacture products with a variety of grain sizes.
金属粒 金属粉末

Atomized powder

This is a method of obtaining powder directly from liquid metal without crushing solids. Since the grains are rapidly solidified, they are characterized by a round form with little segregation. Kojundo Chemical uses gas atomization and disk atomization.

Atomized powder product
各種アトマイズ製品 各種アトマイズ製品 各種アトマイズ製品 各種アトマイズ製品

All types of oxides

We provide oxides and all kinds of compound oxides using manufacturing processes suited to our customers‘ intended purposes. We have a good track record with production methods including gas phase, solid phase, liquid phase, (coprecipitation, compound precipitation, hydrolysis, alcoholate decomposition), sintering and so on.
Using solid phase and liquid phase doping, we can also provide products with homogenous doping.

Customized products

We also accept orders for synthesis processes using coprecipitation, and development and manufacture of fine ground products using ball milling, jet milling and so on.
Please feel free to contact one of here for more information.

アトマイズ製品 Yb203 アトマイズ製品 Fe203 アトマイズ製品 V205
Yb203 Fe203 V205

Inorganic compound materials


硫化物Sulfides are compounds of sulfur with other more positive elements, and sulfides of nearly all the metals and B, Si, C, As, P, N, H, Te, Se and so on are known. Kojundo Chemical handles a wide variety of sulfides. We also manufacture to special specifications such as sulfur rich and low-grade sulfides according to customer requirements, as well as complex sulfides containing two or more metals.

Sulfide phosphors

Recently, applications of sulfides are flourishing in the inorganic electroluminescence (EL) field, and Kojundo Chemical is also working on development of fluorescent materials with excellent chromatic purity and high brightness. The last several years have seen considerable technological innovation in the inorganic EL field, and expectations are rising for commercial applications of inorganic EL displays. Aluminum sulfide fluorescent materials are a particular focus of attention as emitters of bright blue light. 硫化物蛍光体
Barium thioaluminate (BaAl2S4: Eu), an effective blue-light-emitting inorganic electroluminescence (EL) material, was hitherto considered problematic from the point of view of the purity of the raw material and the techniques of synthesis. However, Kojundo Chemical has succeeded in raising its fluorescent intensity by 4〜5 times compared with earlier fluorescent materials using a special high-purity manufacturing method (compared with earlier Kojundo products).
In addition, we have found using X-ray diffraction analysis that the barium thioaluminate we synthesize is formed of complete crystals (Figure 1).
硫化物蛍光体 グラフ

(Figure1)BaAl2S4 : Eu


Phosphides are binary compounds formed of phosphorus and other more positive elements. Phosphorus dopant, which is essential for manufacturing semiconductors, must be of high grade and high purity. Kojundo Chemical offers products with valency controlled through stringent process management. Our phosphides are used in a wide range of applications such as semiconductors, magnetic materials and so on.
Representative example: Zn3P2
This is currently viewed as an important semiconductor diffusion material (Figure 2).



Nitrides are normally divided into the 3 types, ionic nitrides, common nitrides, and interstitial nitrides. We provide products managed with synthesis methods suited to each type.
Representative example: GaN
This is currently viewed as an important semiconductor material for transistors that enable operation at high pressure, with high output, in millimeter wave frequency bands, with high speed, and for blue light emitting diodes (LEDs) (Figure 3).


Metal salts

金属塩類We provide a variety of halide products (chloride, bromide, fluoride, iodide) and salts (nitrate, sulfate, phosphate, carbonate, oxalic acid salt, acetate).


Other inorganic compound products

We can also supply various products such as hydroxide, hydride, selenide, tellurium, silicide, and boride, as well as homogeneously doped products, and products customized according to ratio of composition and form as needed.
Our products are available in bottles or in glass ampoules. Prease feel free to contact one of here for more information.