PVD materials

We produce stable products with our ingenuity and spirit of challenge. We make ardent efforts to deliver utmost reassurance and trust to our customers. Under our motto of "pride "and "passion", we provide high-quality products to our customers.

Physical Vapor Deposition (PVD) Thin-film Materials

Kojundo Chemical Laboratory Co., LTD. is offering a full range of products and services to satisfy our customer's needs.
(Custom-made materials (size, purity, gas quantity and presence or absence of crystal grain, etc), Backing plate fabrication, Bonding Processing, Parts fabrication of various devices.)

・Sputtering Target Materials
・Laser Ablation Materials
・Electron Beams (EB) Materials

PVD Material Products

Co-alloy Target (Fusion Target)

Heusler alloy is a material expected to be applied to a MRAM and a magnetic sensors. We had been providing sintering target for PVD process, however, its application was limited because of its characteristic which causes misalignment between the target and the thin film. Fusion target has been focused on for its potential which solves the problem of sintering target. Also we have abundant experiences in producing a range of targets such as Co-alloy for GMR and TMR Head.
Ex.:Co-Fe, Co-Fe-Α, Fe-Co, Co-Ni, Co-Zr-Nb, Co-Zr-Nb-Ta etc.

Low-oxygen Ir-Mn Target(Fusion Target)

Ir-Mn is an involatile substance and has used as antiferromagnetic layer film in MRAM which is able to read and write in unlimited quantities. We established the production process of fusion target and also achieved total production of loweroxygen target. Compared to sintering target commonly used, it prevents from the adverse influence to other structural layers caused by oxygen.
Gas Component O<150ppm,N<150ppm
Purity 99.9% or more(Fe<30ppm,Si<30ppm,Cu<20ppm)

High-Density SrRuOx Target

FeRAM using BST and PZT as a capacitor has been developed recently and it is known that dielectric characteristic is more advanced than Pt electrode by using SrRuO3 (SRO) at the electrode of the dielectrics. Compared to Pt electrode, it is expected to maintain its quality without degradation by reacting with dielectric film during the heating process. Our own technology and high-density material SRO (SRO-HD) made it possible to curb any particles and provide the target of 90% or more in density.


Inorganic Electro Luminescence(EL) Material Target

We are providing inorganic EL material target including sulfide target. In recent years, there has been an increase of the application of sulfide in EL device. We are taking a positive approach to the development of not only Blue Fluorescent material (BaAl2S4 : Eu) commonly used for its superior chromatic purity and high brightness, but also Red Fluorescent material (CaS : Eu) and Green Fluorescent material (SrGa2S4 : Eu).
For BaAl2S4 : Eu, we increased the purity of the synthetic raw material, aluminum sulfide (from 98% to more than 99.99%) and succeeded in generating the highintensity fluorescent material with our specialized technique. Its intensity is nearly 4 to 5 times as high as our other products.

Bonding Technology

We offer the most appropriate target bonding service for each material to support our customer's film formation. We have a confidence in our metallic bonding service from its longstanding performances, and we are proceeding with the preparations to provide bonding service of various target materials. Also contract manufacturing of only bonding is available.

Characteristic of Our Bonding Service

1.We are developing the best bonder for each target material. Only bonders above a certain strength level are adopted based on the result of the adhesive strength test.

2.Large size target (meter size) is also available without any delay.

3.For warpage or displacement of the bonding, we are able to adjust to meet the customer’s standard, not our corporate standard.

4.We aim for the quick delivery to support our customer's rapid product cycle.


Backing Plate Fabrication

The experiences of a sputtering target fabrication and the long history of a target bonding over 30 years brought us huge amount of data and valuable technologies, and enabled us to produce various backing plates that make all customers satisfied.
We are making careful selection and investigation of each material such as copper alloy including oxygen-free copper, steel, stainless steel, aluminum, aluminum base alloy, molybdenum and titanium. Also we are taking every possible measure to the combination of these materials, and think its usability first and propose any improvements of our products.


Producible Size

Irrespective of size and shape, we are able to produce from just one product.
(From small size like just 1 inch to large size like over 2 meter for seventh-generation large LCD, round shape, square shape, metatypical shape...etc.)
Also backing plate with water-cooling system is available. We find the appropriate joining method depending on the production process such as brazing, electron beam welding and diffusion. Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any question about the material, shape or improvements. For new order, please bring a drawing or original. We will take it size and draw up plans.


  Configuration Size
Tablet Diameter φ5,φ10,φ15
Thickness t5,t10
Chip type 5×5×t1,10×10×t1
Target Round Shape Diameter φ50.8,φ76.2,φ101.6,φ127,φ152.4,φ203.2,
Square Shape Plane 127×304.8,127×381,127×508,127×558.8,152.4×508
Thickness t3,t5,t6.35


Other Products

We are producing parts other than backing plate for the Sputtering Target.
Please feel free to contact one of here for more information.