The Environment

We all realize the preservation of the global environment is one of the important issues, and conduct environmental preservation activities such as construction of environmental management system, inauguration of a committee of experts.
We gain ISO14001 certification at Headquarters and Factory, Higashimatsuyama Factory.
We continuously strive to conduct the global environment preservation activities through reducing environmental burdens and promoting recycling.

Our environmental policy

Basic principle

Under our motto of “High-purity materials always bring technical innovation”, Kojundo Chemical Laboratory Co., Ltd. challenges high-purity technologies for various kinds of materials such as a variety of shape of Organic Materials, Inorganic Materials, Alloys, Ceramics and Liquid Sources. In addition, we actively recognize what we all unite and preserve the global environment in all our business activities such as R&D, manufacturing and service as a critical issue and conduct the following activities as far as we can technically and economically.

Basic policy

  1. We always consider the environmental impacts by business activities and are committed to continuously reducing environmental burdens.
  2. Appropriate management is thoroughly upheld to keep chemical substances safely.
  3. We promote the activities such as energy saving, resource saving and recycling to use resources effectively, in addition we strive to reduce wastes.
  4. We comply with legal requirements related environmental aspects and other requirements to which we agree and we take some actions for prevention of environmental pollution.
  5. In order to promote the environmental preservation activities, we establish environmental objectives and targets. In addition, we regularly review them and revise them as necessary. We strive to continuously improve our environmental management system.
  6. We thoroughly notify all employees and parties concerned working for our company of this environmental policy through various media such as house organ and web page and raise awareness concerning the environment. That action encourages us to conduct activities for environmental preservation.
    We disclose this environmental policy inside and outside the company as anyone can know.

April 1, 2007
Michio Hochido
President and Representative Director

Environmental management system

Standard ISO14001:2004
First certification November 2003
Scope Design, Development, Manufacturing and Sales of CVD Materials and PVD Materials for Thin Films used in Electronic Materials and Semiconductor Materials
Design, Development, Manufacturing and Sales of Inorganic Chemicals and Functional Chemical Materials (Plating Liquids, Metal Alkoxides)
Location Headquarters, Headquarters Factory, Higashimatsuyama Factory Certificate(PDF)
Examining Authority TUV Rheinland Japan Ltd.
Certification Registr. No. 01 104 031711

Promotion structure of environmental management system

Under the structure that the president is the highest executive for the environmental management system and the environmental manager is responsible for operating it, we all unite and promote the environmental management system and the activities for reducing environmental burdens.
The environmental manager convenes the meeting about environment every month to improve and monitor the environmental condition.

Education about environment

We give a lecture every year to new employees on the management of water quality, dangerous substances, poisonous and deleterious substances, etc. We educate them to conduct their work after having recognized the importance of the environmental management.

Internal audits

We regularly have internal audits by the qualified employees. From an auditor’s point of view, they assess whether we manage the environmental management system as it was decided and observe laws and regulations. If there are any problems, we solve the problems and improve the system.

Kaizen suggestions

As a part of improvement activities, we have a system about “Kaizen suggestions”. The system collects a wide range of suggestions; not only “Quality” and “Environment” but also “Processes”, “Cost saving”, “Ideas about a comfortable working for employees” and other activities. We aim to continuously improve business activities with the suggestions. The President Award is given to the best Kaizen suggestion.