The Quality

Quality policy

  1. Under our belief of “High-purity materials always bring technical innovation”, we actively develop new technologies and aim at the trusted company which researchers and engineers need.
  2. We observe compliance with laws and regulations, prioritize users’ needs, and are committed to supply the materials which are high-quality, short lead time and low cost.
  3. We set our quality target, review it and implement the quality management system continuously.

April 1, 2011
Michio Hochido
President and Representative Director

We aim at the trusted company by all our actions based on the quality policy and by supplying the products which satisfy our users.

Quality management system

To further strengthen the system about quality assurance and improve the reliability of users, we gain ISO 9001 certification which is a quality management system at our Headquarters and Factory, Higashimatsuyama Factory and Osaka Branch.
We make quality management system work effectively and are committed to stably supply our products which satisfy our users.

Standard ISO9001:2008
First certification April 1998
Scope Design, Development, Manufacturing and Sales of CVD Materials and PVD Materials for Thin Films used in Electronic Materials and Semiconductor Materials Design, Development, Manufacturing and Sales of Inorganic Chemicals and Functional Chemical Materials (Plating Liquids, Metal Alkoxides)
Location Headquarters, Headquarters Factory, Higashimatsuyama Factory, Osaka Branch CERTIFICATE(PDF)
Examining Authority TUV Rheinland Cert GmbH
Certification Registr. No. 09 100 79304

Based on our quality policy, the employees unite and set a goal what we should be after 3 business years and make a mid-term plan. In addition, we set a goal every business year and continuously improve business by the PDCA cycle.